Wall of Happy Client Testimonials

I'm proud of each and every one of my Fitter Confident You clients.

I'm also very grateful to these clients who wanted to talk about their experiences to inspire and inform you,

before you become a Fitter Confident Younicorn yourself!

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Ray - UK

Matthew & Nigel - UK

Broderick - USA

"What Matt has given me back is more precious time with my family."

"It's all very enjoyable and highly recommended."

"I lost an incredible amount of weight, and I've kept it off."

Joe - USA

Rob - USA

Mark - UK

"I liked the fact the programme we customised, and there were weekly check-in calls with Matt."

"Matt breaks the programme down into simple bits, so you are bound to be successful."

"It's no exaggeration to say I'm the fittest I've ever been in my 42 years, which is solely down to working with Matt!"

Bill - UK

Tommy - UK

Kieran - UK

"Matt's enthusiasm and drive plus the simplicity of the programme... helped me find confidence for exercise."

"I have to say it's one of the best things I've ever done in my life!"

"Fitter Confident You gives you the confidence in yourself and my abilities."

Danilo - Iceland

Alf & Chris - UK

Kyle - Canada

"It gave me the confidence and knowledge that I can do this and keep it going too."

"I got so much out of it... I learned how to make time for exercise and how to build it into your daily life."

"The only thing I regret is not signing up sooner"

Ross - UK

Ben - UK

Murray - UK

"It's been amazing, given me confidence, muscles and I can't recommend Matt highly enough."

"I'm really glad I started... Someone else making the decisions about what I should do has really helped me too."

"Thank you Matt for reminding me it's not a battle, it's a journey."

Daniel - USA

Bryan - UK

Matt - Australia

"The best part of the programme has been the great support Matt has provided... and the personal touch"

"The best thing I've ever done for my health and wellbeing - I've lost about a stone and have better posture."

"I tried a couple of programmes and they're nowhere near as supportive; I love working with Matt & I couldn't ask for anything better"

Jon - UK

Charles - UK

Kyle - USA

"Matt has provided me with brilliant plans that are easy to use. I miss the gym if I don't go and that's what I wanted!"

"I really feel the programme has benefited me in a profound way."

"For someone who has struggled with body image issues, this is the first time I'm looking in the mirror & not picking myself apart"

Denis - UK

Sean - UK

Chirag - UK

"All my relationships have changed, with food, booze, myself... My outlook has changed; I feel the most prepared to take on the world"

"I'm 6 weeks in and I'm really pleased with the results, I can see better posture, a tighter core and muscular development"

"I lost an incredible amount of weight, and kept it off. I've gone from a Large to a Medium feel amazing; everyone is telling me how much fitter I'm looking"

James - UK

Craig - UK

Peter - UK

"It's like Matt is your own personal cheerleader."

"The results were unreal, I bulked up, trimmed off an awful lot of bodyfat & so many people asked me what I had been doing!"

"Matt tailored the programme using the home gym equipment that I had; he builds your confidence up brilliantly and I'm doing a second programme now"

Kristof - The Netherlands

Tim - UK

Craig - UK

"The first and second 12 Weeks were a really big success; I got fitter and more confident and it's an absolute pleasure to work with Matt"

"The exercises are clear and simple, the nutrition information was a great help... and honestly I couldn't be happier"

"Matt has been a great inspiration, really encouraging, really positive, really supportive, all the way through"

Kris - UK

Danny - UK

Ben - UK

"I think Matt's done something really, really impressive with Fitter Confident You, it's unique in a world of options of trainers and programmes"

"A massive thank you to Fitter Confident You, it's been amazing being part of the community and look forward to making more progress."

"I've been working with Matt for over a year and he has made tailormade gym routines for me & he does make you more fitter and confident"

Matt - UK

"Matt made it accessible... And really easy for me to understand."

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