"Straightforward Online Personal Training That

Boosts Confidence And Builds A Stronger Body"

Without Enduring Hours In The Gym Or Soul-Crushing Diets

From Matt Boyles, Fitter You London

Hi Guys,

If you'd like to stop wasting money on diet and workout plans you can't stick to and get the body you've always dreamed of, this will be the most important action plan you'll ever read.

Here's why.

Diets Don't Work!
(If They Did, Weight Watchers Would Go Out Of Business)

What if I said you could eat your favourite foods and still lose fat?

No one wants to cut out entire food groups - stuff like that will send you crazy and only make you crave it more.

Well… I'm here to tell you that there is another way...

Another way to get the body you've always wanted, without spending every day in the gym and without giving up wine, pizza, ice-cream...

The answer is personalised online training from Fitter You


Because I've been there. I've yo-yo dieted and overeaten, with no direction, with no plan and no idea how to get where I wanted

But since becoming a Personal Trainer in 2012, I've been developing my online training programmes, which I've now perfected.

My unique Six Week Programme makes it super simple to achieve what you're looking for.

I’ve had little success with personal training in the past but Matt’s pulled off a miracle: following his programme, I’ve lost an entire stone in one month. And it’s fundamentally shifted the way I feel about the food I casually used to scoff. Matt pushes you only with positivity and encouragement and makes you feel good about yourself. This has frankly been a a game-changer for me.
James Murphy
CEO, Southbank Sinfonia

I’ve been going to the gym in an on / off manner for years, in an attempt to shift my gut and become a dreamboat & the results from a few weeks with Matt far outweigh anything I’ve done before.

Matt is so good at helping you work fitness into your life rather than via a scary strict regime of tears and misery.

I was very dubious about getting an online PT at first but Matt’s exercise and eating plans were clear enough even for me – someone who didn’t know their protein from their carbs. And more importantly, he was more than happy to answer all my questions and concerns – no matter how big or small they were.

I can’t stress how helpful and reassuring it is to know that it’s Matt that’s helping me out and monitoring my progress – not some random person who I’ll never meet who just sees me as a spreadsheet of numbers.

So if you’re looking to take your first step into changing your life or if you’re stuck in a rut and want to shake up your routine, then get in touch with Matt."

Peter Howell
Graphic Designer

​Maybe you think you don't have time? Trust me, you do.

Or maybe you don't think you have the willpower - that's why regular support and access to me is included and with that, comes the all-important accountability.

And regardless of what you want to achieve, always remember ...

I've been there and done it, so I know what you've gone through

Meaning you do not have to spend every day in the gym or eat out of Tupperware while your friends are eating burgers or enjoying a glass of wine.

And that is what my online programming will teach you... 

It will give you the very tools to create the body you never thought you could achieve - and keep it.

Anyone can starve themself for a few weeks before a holiday, but my programme is sustainable in the long run.

What's so good about that?

Well ... think about it like this... Never have to think twice about whether you 'should' eat the cake or not.

And don't miss out on drinks with your mates.

Here's what's included:

  • Completely personalised 6 Week workout programmes
  • The tools to show you how to eat, never bingeing and dieting again, never resorting to crappy diet aids or slimming pills, just proven science that will support your goals
  • Check-ins directly with me to discuss & monitor your progress and answer questions
  • A handy wall planner to mark and follow along

But we're not done.

With rising levels of anxiety and increasing stress from all angles, I wanted to bullet-proof my mental health, so started researching the best ways to look after me.

So you'll also receive...​

My unique guide to boosting your confidence in just 5 minutes a day -
literally that's all you need to do to start to feel happier in your own skin

​As a gay personal trainer, I understand the stresses and strains that come with navigating life in the 21st Century. There is pressure on us to be an individual yet conform at the same time.

By meditating for just 5 minutes a day, I felt more content in myself and with my place in the world and the gay community.

Little things that might have bothered me before, bothered me less.​

The easy-to-follow guide will introduce you to meditation that fits into your day and will help make you:

  • Feel more capable at work
  • Calmer in any situation
  • Feel more able to deal with any shit that comes your way
  • Feel happier with you and those around you

As you create a...

Fitter, Confident You


Lots of PTs out there are selling generic, off-the-shelf programmes where they promise you'll get ripped in 7 days.

This is nonsense.

(They're usually flogging some dodgy supplements too).​

For anything like this to work, you need consistency and what you're doing needs to be sustainable.

Like trying to drive to Land's End without a map (or phone with a map on it...)

But more than that, if you don't learn to be happy in your own skin, then your search for your dream body will be fruitless.

BUT! Working on your 'self' and feeling happy with You and your place in the world, brings about a greater sense of perspective

And with that, you'll stop being so hard on yourself, stop self-sabotaging, find reaching your goal much easier.

This is why my programmes allow and encourage you to work on the inner you, as well as the outer you.

Your plan will help you take the first steps to success.

While you do receive my support and knowledge, it does require motivation and more importantly, ACTION.

If you're ready to make a change, sign-up below.

If you're not ready, not a problem, it took me a bit of time to get going.

But if you can give me six weeks, you'll discover a updated and improved you, inside and out.

It's not an overnight thing - truly good stuff never is - but within a few weeks, I guarantee you'll start to feel different... in a good way

Once you take action you can take comfort knowing that you are only going to be improving and developing the Very Best You

What To Do Next...

For the investment of £190 you will get:

- Your tailored workout plan for the first six weeks

- Your personalised nutrition plan meaning you'll never worry about food again

- Your Confidence-Boosting Meditation Guide

- Your unique Planner to keep you on track

- Two check-ins with me personally to answer any questions you have

Order Now and take your first step towards a Fitter, Confident You:

- Matt Boyles, Founder of Fitter You

P.S. One last recap:

- Tailored Six Week Workout Programme

- Personalised Nutrition Plan to help you break out from binges and cut through all the confusing info out there

- You unique Meditation Guide

- Your personalised Planner to help keep you on track

- Two check-ins with me directly

Order now and change your life with Fitter You